Inventory Coordinator

Employer: Ozmo, Inc.
Job Location: Blacksburg, Virginia
Category: Telecommunications, Software/QA/DBA, Tech Support/Customer Service
Employment Type: Full Time
Last Updated: 2/6/2018
Closing Date: 4/30/2018
Ozmo, Inc.
Ozmo is a technology company located in Blacksburg, Virginia. Its software products solve device support at scale for mobile operators and their consumers. With the leading device support platform assisting over 25 million interactions each year, Ozmo believes that every support interaction is an opportunity to improve the customer experience. The Ozmo support platform is home to a library of hundreds of virtual devices and tens of thousands of answers made accessible across all channels.
Job Description The Inventory Coordinator is the individual responsible for ensuring Ozmo device management and inventory processes are efficient, accurate, and supportive of our content production and delivery activities.  Content development projects depend heavily upon the availability of hardware, configured with the appropriate OS and software updates, for successful delivery.  The Inventory Coordinator will serve as a resource to Insights Support Advisors and Content Development Team to ensure hardware inventory is accurate and devices are appropriately staged for production work.  Further, the Inventory Coordinator will coordinate all hardware related needs with Supplier Clients to resolve discrepancies ahead of scheduled production work.  Additional responsibilities include coordinating hardware acquisition when Supplier Client devices are not available, performing device evaluations, attending relevant device/project coordination meetings, and representing Ozmo to our clients with respect to the management of our hardware inventory.  

So what's it like to work at Ozmo? We're a growing technology startup with a history of delivering innovative solutions. Our team members are motivated individuals that help each other do remarkable things every day. Ozmonauts are active learners, have a positive impact on the world and do exceptional work. We face challenges together and we win together. And together, we deliver world-class solutions that transform the way the world uses technology.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Owner: Ozmo device inventory and material handling process
  • Primary - Inventory Add/Change/Delete and monitoring activity as needed to ensure timely access to device hardware, accessories, sim cards, and MRs
  • Primary - Rolling inventory audit to ensure accurate inventory software reflecting our physical device library
  • Primary - Inventory storage location management between short and long term physical storage
  • Primary - Responsible for organizational material handling procedures for device accessories, Sim Cards, and MR updates in addition to physical devices
  • Primary - Device OS/software updates as needed to align with project scheduling needs
  • Primary - Project Doc and Time Code creation to ensure proper project initiation and time tracking
  • Primary - Technical support resource to Content Developers and Clients with regard to hardware troubleshooting
  • Primary - Timely assessment of new devices, OS updates, and upcoming MRs to ensure impediments are discovered early enough to resolve ahead of production schedule
  • Primary - Attends critical planning meetings to align device inventory with upcoming content production schedules
  • Secondary - Proficient with Insights GenSpec and Tutorial Evaluation procedures to assist when needed
  • Secondary - Other responsibilities as assigned
Note: Primary responsibility time allocations fluctuate week-to-week and expected to grow as Ozmo continues to grow and move into new markets.
  • Mobile/internet device hardware and software troubleshooting acumen
  • Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Mail, Calendar
  • Atlassian Jira, Confluence
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Comfortable adjusting communications to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Excellent organizational skills
    • Prior inventory management experience is desirable but not mandatory
  • Ability to multi-task 
  • Team player
  • High school degree required, college degree a plus
You must be authorized to work in the United States at our offices in Blacksburg, VA and available to work 40 hours per week. This positions comes with great benefits and a great work environment!
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