Support Advisor

Employer: Ozmo, Inc.
Job Location: Blacksburg, Virginia
Category: Telecommunications, Software/QA/DBA, Tech Support/Customer Service
Employment Type: Full Time
Last Updated: 2/6/2018
Closing Date: 4/30/2018
Ozmo, Inc.
Ozmo is a technology company located in Blacksburg, Virginia. Its software products solve device support at scale for mobile operators and their consumers. With the leading device support platform assisting over 25 million interactions each year, Ozmo believes that every support interaction is an opportunity to improve the customer experience. The Ozmo support platform is home to a library of hundreds of virtual devices and tens of thousands of answers made accessible across all channels.
Job Description An Ozmo Support Advisor is the individual responsible for ensuring Ozmo’s device support products deliver the highest value for our customers.  To be successful, the Support Advisor must draw on a unique set of skills combining a passion for our products, knowledge of the mobile device industry, research and analysis skills, and intuition to define the scope for our products.  Further, the Support Advisor is skilled in written and verbal communication to interface directly with clients guiding product specification decisions.  The Support Advisor must be an impartial member, holding natural preferences at bay to enable support recommendations balancing the needs of all involved.  As Ozmo’s Voice of the Customer, the Support Advisor must understand that their decisions may not be popular amongst those dealing with other priorities.

So what's it like to work at Ozmo? We're a growing technology startup with a history of delivering innovative solutions. Our team members are motivated individuals that help each other do remarkable things every day. Ozmonauts are active learners, have a positive impact on the world and do exceptional work. We face challenges together and we win together. And together, we deliver world-class solutions that transform the way the world uses technology.
Role & Responsibilities
  • Up to date on the latest information pertaining to Android and iOS ecosystems
  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of the market from business dynamics to technical details related to app development on the platforms
  • Can demonstrate the ability to translate industry knowledge into changes to our product specifications
  • Owns the definition of our Virtual Device content specification
  • Owns the definition of our Interactive Tutorial content specification
  • Owns Interactive Tutorial content translation processing
  • Anticipates support requests to proactively drive Virtual Device requirements consistent with current content depth definition
  • Responsible for the performance and efficiency of our Virtual Device and Interactive Tutorial products to various top level KPIs (see Performance Metrics below)
  • Reviews usage analytics and call center data inform how these trends should impact our products
  • Reviews requests by Supplier Clients for additional content and provides recommendations
  • Interfaces directly with clients to receive and respond to their requests for modification to our products
  • Ability to deliver news counter to client or internal stakeholders in a manner that is empathetic and considered
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a team and to escalate issues appropriately when success is in jeopardy
  • Ability to author content to business stakeholders in anticipation of new device launches to demonstrate our proactive thought leadership
  • Anticipates support requests to proactively drive content requirements definition aligned with current content depth specifications
  • Collaborates with Content Production staff to ensure efficient project delivery
  • Engages Project Evaluation Team as needed for non-standard project evaluations
  • Contributing Agile team member actively engaged in the art of "Inspect and Adapt" and ongoing process improvement
  • Other responsibilities to be determined as the business evolves and adapts to changing market and operational demands
  • Google Analytics (or other analytics reporting tools)
  • Mobile/internet device hardware and software troubleshooting proficiency
  • Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Mail, Calendar
  • Atlassian Jira, Confluence
  • Technical writing
  • Android and iOS devices and ecosystems
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Agile Team member
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